East Markham

St John the Baptist Church East Markham

Many thanks to all those who supported the Readathon and the Strawberry Tea in July; the two events raised nearly £1500.

The Church needs another £9000 or so to complete paying for the re-ordering works which, with luck and a fair wind, will be completed by the time these words reach you.

Regular and occasional giving

East Markham Church is now established with Give.net in order to make it very easy to make either regular or one-off gifts at any time over the internet.

The link you need is

https://www.give.net/EastMarkham .

Using Give.net is very simple and you can easily add an extra 25p in the pound by adding Gift Aid.

The Church Wardens can be contacted on

Daphne on 01777 870634

Joan on 01777 871234